AnyMedia BBCode


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Use only ONE bbcode to post almost 60 kinds of file,
and flash videos from more than 10 sites.

Supported Extensions
Adobe Flash:
swf, spl, flv

Quick Time:
mov, qt, mqv, mpeg, mpg, m1s, m1v, m1a, m75, m15, mp2, mpm, mpv, mpa, flc, fli, cel, rtsp, rts, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, 3gp2, sdv, amc, mp4, sdp

Real Media:
rm, rmvb, ra, rv, ram, smil

Windows Media:
mp3, wma, wav, ogg, ape, mid, midi, asf, asx, wm, wmv, wsx, wax, wvx, avi

Adobe PDF:
pdf, fdf, xfdf, xdp, xfd

Image File:
gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, xpm

P2P File:
torrent, emule, foxy, pplive

Supported Flash Video Sites
Google (
Youtube (
vSocial (
iFilm (
MetaCafe (
DailyMotion (
CurrentTV (
Vimeo (
Sharkle (
FreeVideoBlog (
MyVideoDe (

You're allowed to ...
1. Custom the tag name;
2. Custom the title of the player;
3. Decide which usergroup could see the download link;
4. Use Flash Single Mp3 Player to play the mp3 file;
5. Custom the width & height of the media;
6. Decide whether to make the media autostart by default;
7. Decide whether to collapse the player box by default;
8. Play the Google Videos via proxy;
9. Auto-detect the attachment type;
10. Use AnyMedia player to play attachments;
11. Custom the default value of loop;
12. Filter the AnyMedia BBCodes in Quote tags;
13. Choose which extension could be supported;
14. Choose whether to use AnyMedia Player or not for each supported video site;

How to Use
Tag without options:

Shown as a mp3 player (Use the flash mp3 player by default).

Tag with options:

It will use the real player to play the file.mp3,
the object is 300px width, 380px height,
it will autostart and will repeat for twice.

It will use the flash player to play the file.flv,
the object is 250px width, 150px height,
it'll NOT autostart but will repeat for 3 times.

It will use the flash player to play the file.swf,
the object is 400px width, 480px height,
and it'll NOT autostart.

It will post the pdf object on the page,
the object is 421px width, 211px height.

Other Rules:
1.WIDTH and HEIGHT are both required if you want to add options;
2.Available values for the AUTOSTART option: 1, true & yes.
3.Separate the options with commas.


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This is great but how can i get this working inside a module or else where in vbulletin other than just posts??