any one know about "google Latitude"?


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any one know about "google Latitude"?i have lots of question about google Latitudeplease help me...if any one know about it please replay one the post then i will add my questionsUmm, did you look at Google at all before you asked this? questions did you have that aren't already answered there?i have know that dear..but i have some question in my mind if you can hel me can i ask?que 1 : i want to add all my friends on in map using google latitude in my i will see where is all friends?so what can i do?See here. Currently, you can only view Latitude with a compatible phone or via is possible..see this -------Code: [ Select ]
Google latitude means which is a location can identified through the google maps, it helps the mobile user to identify the current location of the user and he can share it to others and by using this user can access the details


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Google Latitude is nothing but Navigation more over everyone knows about Google map this app is to give the current location location .so that even more you can share exact location of you to someone else..