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    My best marketing method. It may work for you.

    I am working SEO for my company. It is very much effective to make popular in the search engine.
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    What are the best free online ebook sites?

    My favorite is http// Here we can get all the e-books.
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    What is your current favorite song these days

    Gangam style is my all time favorite.
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    what google done to me ?

    Can you elaborate the topic. I got confused.
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    What are the differences between web design and graphic design and which career shoul

    Lot of opportunities are there for both the fields. Creating a web page is web design and create graphic image for that webpage is Graphic design.
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    Site postion for my kewords

    Check it manually to see the site position for your keywords.
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    P P C campaigns

    There are five different campaigns. You can create all the five campaign in one account.
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    First Page On Google Is Not That Hard!

    Based on the competition is takes time to rank first in Google. Build quality backlink to have improvement in keywords.
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    What is meant by google bot?

    Google bot is nothing but Google crawlers.
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    Who is your favorite singer and genre?

    Shreya Ghosal is my all time favorite
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    which is your favorite promotional technique?

    SEO is my favorite technique and it is cost effective.
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    what is the best way of link building in seo?

    Blog post and forum participation is the best way of link building in seo.
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    Make the site visibility in the search engine is called SEO.
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    Define deep linking

    Giving links to inner page is called deep link.
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    What is HTML?

    HTML is the scripting language used to create web page.
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    Which article submit website is best?

    ezine is the best article site to post the content. try to post unique content in that site.
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    Disallow tool

    It helps to remove bad or spam backlinks from your website
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    Your fav type of MUSIC?

    Love song and rock song
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    free do follow social bookmarking site list

    Submit in high authority site to have some improvements in the ranking.