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Discussion in '3.7.x Premium Styles' started by SCARFACE_vbulletin3_import6818, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. what vBulletin versions are you guys running this works for 3.7.4 not tested with any other vBulletin version.
  2. DON

    DON New Member

    I'm using 3.8 as I said above.

    I may have to re-edit to postbit template.

    The good news is I think only 5-6 templates needed to be reverted. The rest were fine.
  3. assaultrifle109

    assaultrifle109 New Member

    Live demo pl0x?
  4. bxhero

    bxhero New Member

    its still not working and theres no forum/theme folder
  5. DON

    DON New Member

    It worked for me, so you must be doing something wrong.
  6. nextgen

    nextgen New Member

    This is worthless for firefox users my friend. Would you update it when they fix that issue please ?
  7. DON

    DON New Member

    it works fine in FF for me.
  8. bambu

    bambu New Member

    Good Nice (PT) Muito Bom cara

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    bro drop down menus are not working like thread tools and in navabar please tell me how to fix it thanks

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    i think its not compatible with vbseo when i hover my mouse on the links its getting detailed links :S
  11. what vBulletin version are you running ? the only way i can help is if you give me access to your forum.

    This has been tested on 3.7.4 without vBSeo (clean board)

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    for some weird reason it worked after re installing the skin but another problem is that i have 3.8.1 now and i am not getting drop down menu on the thread tools


    also if you guys need temporary hosting for testing out the skin for 3.8.x please pm me i will make u sub account on my account its offshore hosting :D

    sorry for late reply i had an accident and was not active on the net.
  13. i need a 3.8.x board in order to update the skin again it wont work on 3.8.x boards only 3.7.x

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    ok bro i will set a sample site and n install 3.8 and send u info in ur pm ;)

    just a bit busy in family and kids.

    thanks a lot man i owe you one.

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

  16. AcidX

    AcidX New Member

    Scarface: I'm the owner of InWarez and your site is affiliated with mines.
    I have a secret board where I do all my testing. I think you can trust me enough to do it on my secret board. Let me know via PM.
  17. im currently updating the style to 3.8.2 should be done within a 2 weeks (im busy managing my site / uni / work) so i will update the theme in my spare time! shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks.

    PAKIS-RULEZ New Member

    thanks bro fro the plan can't wait for this to happen i am just dying for this skin lol

    been waiting for a long time
  19. Wilty

    Wilty New Member

    i ve the same problem, the small pictures of bcode cant post in the text post area...
  20. Ethix

    Ethix New Member

    Thanks! for the awesome skin

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