Why is music so powerful?

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by fdrix, May 5, 2012.

  1. fdrix

    fdrix New Member

    In my opinion - Everyone got some kind of rhytm...and some kind of music got same...its like puzzle- if you give together two that hit each other then it works ^^
  2. k4rn4ge

    k4rn4ge New Member

    It makes us all feel happy.
  3. xterm32

    xterm32 New Member

    because it is what makes the world go round.
  4. Mica1016

    Mica1016 New Member

    Because some of the lyrics are the words we want to say,so we will like it very much
  5. turners

    turners New Member

    about music it is said that it is the food of the soul, it has the power to influence the emotions and behaviour
  6. MichaelHarper

    MichaelHarper New Member

    Music has an interesting effect on people. It sets moods.
  7. SilentSilver

    SilentSilver New Member

    Music is one of the finest performing arts which will definitely provide positive results for your mental health. Music basically makes your mind pleasant and happy. Music can also react vice versa. So it is advisable to change the genre once in a while in order to distress your brain.
  8. whitelines

    whitelines New Member

    Music is a great way of communication. Music is not only understandable for human. But it is for animals as well. We all are sensitive to music. From music we can control others emotions than in words.
  9. bluemacaw

    bluemacaw New Member

    Music and songs are essential for life, They make you live!
  10. bluetootboy

    bluetootboy New Member

    Some say that sound is the force behind creation, some scientists have even shown how molecules rearrange themselves in ultrasound. Sound has a mysterious and a deep influence on people that is definitely beyond science.
  11. MissHaringtoni

    MissHaringtoni New Member

    Music is best entertainment resource. My hobby is listen music. I think music can reduce our stress.
  12. Toonanger

    Toonanger New Member

    The best reason is because it motivates us.
  13. LwxxyShemble

    LwxxyShemble New Member

    Music is medicine for stress mind. Actually music has powerful energy. I know that as well.
  14. GilikaHilko

    GilikaHilko New Member

    Music is friendly to human. More people are listening music while working. Especially if they are live in stress or sad, music can help to reduce their stress as soon. If they are happy, music also can celebrate with them.
  15. JellyBeans

    JellyBeans New Member

    Because it can heal people, specially it relieves stress.
  16. PurpleSky

    PurpleSky New Member

    Music is a great way of communication. It can express many ideas than words. Music can heal the souls.
  17. Newsandy

    Newsandy New Member

    Well ! I think music can change people moods all the time . Its has a power to enter humans life and make them in a different way
  18. EdwardM

    EdwardM New Member

    Because music speaks to the soul in a way that nothing else does
  19. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk Member

    Because music is the only weapon which makes man feel good weather if a person is on happy mode or a sad mode music makes forget about the things
  20. paulaugust

    paulaugust New Member

    Melody music plays an important role so i will go with melody music

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