Which person do i write it in?

Discussion in 'Scripts Forum' started by AndreaA, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. AndreaA

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    Okay I'm writing a story about a teenage girl who meets a pedophile on the internet, but which person do you think I should write it in. From her mothers point of view or the girls?And do you think Mandy is a good name for a teen? I'm not big on the narraration its too...movie script it's like reading a play and i think that tends to take away from the story alot<br />
  2. letsfadeaway

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    from her point of view so that the readers can relate to her more
    mandys a good name
  3. MagsyBogsy

    MagsyBogsy New Member

    ^ agreed
  4. allenbmeangene

    allenbmeangene New Member

    You'll have to answer the question of point of view for yourself, but ask yourself this how much of what's going on does the girl's mother know? I have a suggestion, if it doesn't strike you as macabre Have the story open at Mandy's funeral and Mandy's mother begins the story with words to the effect of "I should have known SOMETHING was up". That's one way you could write the story from her point of view.

    Of course, you may plan on Mandy being rescued in the nick of time. In that case, writing the story from Mandy's point of view may serve you better. (Did I help you? I hope so. If not, I apologize.)
  5. elkibeer

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    i like the new one very much

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