vBulletin Version 3.6.10 pre moded with vbtt 1oo% working

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  1. dj_slim

    dj_slim New Member

    vBulletin Version 3.6.10 pre moded with vbtt 1oo%

    hi all i made this for me its 100% working all tested by me
    run torrents on your forum with this nice privet tracker


    1 vbtt php
    2.shoutcast forum home
    3.ibProArcade v2.6.4
    4.Invitation System

    ive not put loads of mods on this but all the code is done for the vbtt and thats the hard bit done for you

    user name and password are admin

    hope you like it and have fun

    install notes

    edit config.php with your server settings inport the sql then login with the user and password above
  2. Shikari

    Shikari New Member

    Please guide me what to do after uploading the SQL .. where should we point the browser ? To yourdomain.com/forum/install11/install.php or yourdomain.com/forum/install11/upgrade.php ..

    Or Have to delete any tables or not ?

    Please reply ..
  3. dj_slim

    dj_slim New Member

    you upload the files then the database then your done mate ok
  4. Thank you ever so much for this dj_slim.
    All has been uploaded, working perfectly and i had no problems at all.
  5. thedarklord

    thedarklord New Member

    i installed this perfectly but when i create a torrent in utorrent and upload it all i get is a 406 error anybody any ideas how to fix this
  6. Rique

    Rique New Member

    sorry im a little slow at this what do i have to do in config.php?
  7. thedarklord

    thedarklord New Member

    config.php is where u put your database ddetails
  8. paulo1986pl

    paulo1986pl New Member

    i get a error from utorrent that the torrent file is invalid
  9. remember

    remember New Member

    let Me Try..and can i upgrade it to latest vbulletin ?
  10. xEvOx

    xEvOx New Member

    i upgraded and it still works !
  11. remember

    remember New Member

    it works like charm !!
  12. pradeepkumar

    pradeepkumar New Member

  13. akram_mushtaq

    akram_mushtaq New Member

    please can anybody give how step-by-step guide of config.php
  14. N3TFLiX

    N3TFLiX New Member

    I get this error when uplaoding the sql file ot my database:

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