Discussion in 'vB 3.8.X Releases' started by SNap!/DGT, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. dobie

    dobie New Member

    thanx to dgt another great release
  2. pspuser007

    pspuser007 New Member

    I had a GYSN release 3.8.2.
    Can I use this to upgrade my forum?

    Thank you for your time.
  3. SNap!/DGT

    SNap!/DGT New Member

    sure can u use for an upgrade
  4. franzjuve

    franzjuve New Member

    thanks DGT for this great release

    I upgraded a board vb3.7.3 to vb3.8.3 and all go perfect
  5. pedenski

    pedenski New Member

    The includes/xml/bitfield_vbulletin.xml file is out of date. Please ensure you have uploaded the correct file.

    i have this error.. >,< how do i fix it
  6. Adr2ien

    Adr2ien New Member

    Thank You !! :)
  7. iRiot

    iRiot New Member

    I did it and I think you guys are telling the truth about him being a real dgt. But, his files...don't pass their own validation test?
  8. valuex

    valuex New Member

    is there a way to get the "uncompressed java files" from this rls? btw from vbulletin 3.8.3

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