Discussion in 'vB 3.8.X Releases' started by Pommes, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. VADOS [Dj]

    VADOS [Dj] New Member

    3.8.1 has been released yesterday, how long will it takes to get nulled and released here? ))
  2. Kpod

    Kpod New Member

    Cheers mate......
  3. C_WiRnaldo7

    C_WiRnaldo7 New Member

    nice share dude!!!!!!
  4. dog199200

    dog199200 New Member

    hey umm i can't get any of it to work... i'm not running on cpanel or anything,i'm running on IIS so io don't know exactly how to get it to run..btw I'm running Windows Server 2003 on a VPS

    edit: ok i got the customer id page to come up, but when i use the keygen and get the id and put it in i get brung back to the id page
  5. SnelleMuG

    SnelleMuG New Member

    Thanks ... ill give it a try ...
  6. Kraftyy75

    Kraftyy75 New Member

    Thank you for the contribution
  7. Liutis

    Liutis New Member

    :( don't work keygen. All times go back to "enter customer number" when enter new generated codes....

    P.S.sorry for my english
  8. Liutis

    Liutis New Member

    Ups, sorry. All work :). I cmod all folders and all files to 777, and keygen work perfect!!!
  9. prakasharavind

    prakasharavind New Member

    thank u very much
  10. kaushykutti

    kaushykutti New Member

    Thank you Pommes!
  11. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider New Member

    Thankx Mate...Keep It Up...
  12. flosser

    flosser New Member

    Thank you for the release.
  13. vivatv

    vivatv New Member

    thank you for the release.
  14. Iceazuk

    Iceazuk New Member

    Thanks, Keep up the good work!
  15. nextgen

    nextgen New Member

    Installed perfectly my friends. Great work !!
  16. afrozenminute

    afrozenminute New Member

    wow last time i use vb is version 3.7.3 thanks for this good one
  17. Service

    Service New Member

    Thank you very much
  18. nickkkdon

    nickkkdon New Member

    thanks bro....waiting for 3.8.1
  19. dapirates

    dapirates New Member

    Thank you for the release installed perfect
  20. min0ru

    min0ru New Member

    thanks alot mates :D lol love u haha.

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