vBulletin 3.7.2 premod v1.1

Discussion in 'vB 3.7.X Releases' started by softmatic, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. germinus

    germinus New Member

    Change your boards url in admincp as I created this premod on a local host
  2. remember

    remember New Member

    i am using this ..and its fine...( superb :D)
    if u want demo i can post. it :D
  3. n00bf0rc3

    n00bf0rc3 New Member

    thanksyou, but where is thw dlwonalod link?
  4. micky13

    micky13 New Member

    yeah, all i see is "Content Visible to Registered Users Only"?
  5. Termy

    Termy New Member

    That would be very helpful m8. I would like to try this out but not too sure how to keep all the info (members, posts and all that data etc etc) that I already have on my forum.

    But would def like to see how this looks though.

    Many thanks, Termy.
  6. thanks hope this works
  7. WrZ

    WrZ New Member

    Excellent program. And for all you people who cannot see the link (as it is not there anymore) download from here.

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Passwrod: vb-planet.com

    Xeondll posted it there, so I don't know if he ripped it from here, but it's most likely the psron who posted it here ripped it from Xeondll as Xeondll has an older thread and he is Super Mod.
  8. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard New Member

    Thanks for the share
  9. Murdoc

    Murdoc New Member

    Dang for some reason i cant see the link's, it says i have to be a registered member but i am how am i posting LOL!
  10. Anubiset

    Anubiset New Member

    Same problem here.
  11. wessidewb

    wessidewb New Member

    installed fine and working, most of the mods are set up and spread out among the templates which is kind of bunk, and the mods arent the greatest. good job tho
  12. shiva111

    shiva111 New Member

    Great work, thanks, installed and everything is working fine. Good job
  13. Demonflicks

    Demonflicks New Member

    this is gonna be perfect and save me so much time
  14. shin

    shin New Member

    Is it included stealth system to prevent Jelsoft detection?
  15. nextgen

    nextgen New Member

    Hey buddies when i use this pre-modded version. What do i have to do to make a new skin complete if anything. Any edits need to be made at all ?
  16. Devestation

    Devestation New Member

    It isn't working. Upload it as an attatchment?
  17. bulletin

    bulletin New Member

    if you are using new skin, you need to edit your new skin templates, for all mods to work for your new skin.
  18. nextgen

    nextgen New Member

    Hey guys rapidshare removed this premod. Just wanted ya to be aware.
  19. MobileHacks

    MobileHacks New Member

  20. JOFA

    JOFA New Member

    Nice .. thank you

    keep up te good work

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