vBulletin 3.7.2 premod v1.1 reupload

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    The skins that are installed on this version are listed below..

    Macskin - vbskinworks
    545 - vbskinworks
    Graphite - extremepixels
    Aria - vbstyles

    Installed Mods

    ibparcade pro
    Reputation Displayed As Numbers
    Extended Reputation Display
    Cyb - ChatBox v2.2
    Post Thankyou Hack 7.7
    Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics 5.8.1
    Usergroup Color Bar Legend
    Image Resizer
    Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register
    Who has read a Thread
    Members who have visited today
    Automatic tags
    Ban Users From a Thread
    Invitation System vB 3.7
    Popular Members (Number of views)
    Display members who have registered
    Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
    Miserable Users
    Members who have posted Today
    Cyb - Auto Reply
    Cyb - PayPal Donate
    Enhanced Image Captcha - Stop bots from signing up!
    vBTubePRO - Lite Version 1.0.4 Updated and FIXED
    Yahoo Messenger Smilies
    Global Announcement
    Cyb - Auto Birthday Greeter
    Topic of the Week/Month Nomination v1.51
    Time Greeting
    Radio Player
    Country Flags (vb-planet.com version)
    Spiders on ForumHome
    Move inactive users to new usergroup
    Force Users to Read a Thread
    vB Database Backup
    Thread Title Coloring

    Install Instructions

    Please READ these instructions and follow them to the letter.


    1. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder via ftp tp your website.

    2. Create a database via your cpannel.

    3. Inport the DB on phpMyAdmin or download Big Dump.

    5. Edit the config.php file located in the includes folder to reflect the database details created in step 2.

    6. Login to your admincp useing the login details admin/admin and then change the forums url and other details to reflect that of your own url.

    7. Enjoy!!


    Here i have reupload:
    [url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TUPID848]PAR1[/url] [b][SIZE="1"][23.84 MB][/SIZE][/b]
    [url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5IUPQWQ9]PAR2[/url][b][SIZE="1"] [6.31 MB][/SIZE][/b]
    Admin acount:
    Name: [b]admin[/b]
    pass: [b]admin[/b]
    This rip have 0 post on the forum
    Demo: http://www.insane.vrijehosting.biz

    Insane (crazykiller)

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