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Discussion in 'vB 3.8.X Releases' started by Psilocybin_vbulletin3_import6855, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. snakeboy

    snakeboy New Member

    Eek! Upgrading to this from 3.8.1 keygen version everything looked fine, but now, users sending a PM get: Fatal error: Class 'vB_DataManager_pm' not found in path-to-my-forum/includes/functions.php on line 135

    Tried dropping in the old functions.php just in case, but nope. Same story.

    I did make a backup and can roll back, but I'd much prefer to fix it. Any suggestions?
  2. Allulu

    Allulu New Member

    Thnx a lot for the best nulled version ...
  3. Therax

    Therax New Member

    and replyed
    You dont need to sound so hostile he only asked what they were.
    I myself wonder not what they are but what they are for.
    Any help would be appriciated.

    Thanks in advanced Therax
  4. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Don't worry about mmmxiv, he's just like that.
  5. Therax

    Therax New Member

    Okay then i know i just saw it and reacted.
    But as for the questions both mine and dannyheath
    any info to share?
  6. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Some mods need the uncompressed files, I don't know why.
  7. Therax

    Therax New Member

    Okay thanks for the info
  8. cowboy36

    cowboy36 New Member

    ok now can someone answer my question

    How to install with out a keygen??????????????????????????????????
  9. Follow the installation instructions, edit config.php.new, upload, run install script.
  10. cowboy36

    cowboy36 New Member

    so just install like normal!!!!!
  11. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

  12. cowboy36

    cowboy36 New Member

    ok thanks so much was very easy to install
    thanks vbteam for the hard work much appericated
  13. nextgen

    nextgen New Member

    I trust this one here my friends. I have went away to other boards that offered IPB but never felt like i could trust them. Here i know if you guys say it is a nulled version i feel safer. Thanks for all of your work.
  14. Yung

    Yung New Member

    I got error when trying to do Diagnostics in admincp under Maintenance. Anyone has that problem ?
  15. What error? I just checked and it is working fine for me.
  16. blackss

    blackss New Member

    thanks. question, no keygen means very easily be hacked yeah? or it makes no difference ??
  17. shaise

    shaise New Member

    blackss, everything can be
    why you make your life so difficult? psilocybin and vbteam did great job and we all say big "thanx" to them and just enjoy the release. cheers m8 :)
  18. Makes no difference at all.
  19. bongthom

    bongthom New Member

    Has Bug...
    I have installed as new install and upgrade on 3 Domains....
    All the time i can not run Update Counters in Maintenance from Admin CP.
  20. XDanX

    XDanX New Member

    If You have this Version of vBulletin Installed on your site and it is downloaded from here... If vBulletin ask for my license key and password what should i do?

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