[VBTEAM] vBulletin 3.6.8 PL2 Premoded & Precoded SEO Version

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Releases' started by J.Black, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Power-Inside

    Power-Inside New Member

    Well... but this one is soo tempting and I know you want us to show support for you by downloading @ your rapidshare link but its just I don't know always rapidshare says im on a proxy, and sometimes it says you have to wait blah blah minutes and sometimes it says that im downloading a file but im really not. So i have lots of problems with rapidshare and literally, all the hacks dont work.

    If well someone could do a favor and host in other link , then it would really help those who have problems downloading from rapidshare.
  2. ayie

    ayie New Member

    this have torrent tacker or not
  3. Gamemixerr

    Gamemixerr New Member

    i stuck in this step
    * For Keygen Version Just Chmod 777 all your files and upload the the gysn-kg.php file included in "docs" and run in your server
    when all done chmod back all the files to 644 and directories to 755.

    how to chmod my files? in 777 what is that? and how to chmod back to 644 755 what are these numbers?
  4. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    this step is only for Keygen Version, to chmod use your favorite FTP client, (i recommend you Filezilla) use this tutorial
    How to Chmod

    the mosts downloads are in Rapidshare, games,software,cd´s, and that stuff, wait until i do a mirror
  5. rajayasir

    rajayasir New Member

    any body can help me to install this one .. i have already uploaded test.sql file in phpmyadmin and theres not also opening da forum please guide me fully .. i will be very thank full to you ..
  6. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    upload the all as i pack it, and follow all instructions in first post, a noob can install this without any experience in vBulletin, and erease your url someone can report you
  7. dancuc

    dancuc New Member

    hello, i'm trying to run this on localhost first. but i have two problems, i'm using easyphp. the first problem is that i have the content saved in the www/forum/ directory. when i want to do anything, i have everywhere only http://localhost/this-forum etc. and i need to change the address to the http://localhost/forum/forums/this-forum
    the second problem is that i have something wrong with the .htaccess file, i think it is because of that localhost. how can i configure it? thanks.
  8. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    for the first change the url in the admincp, then for the second open your Apache or the script that you are using i mean the config and search mod_rewrite remove the # in the beginning of that

    like this


    it should look

  9. dancuc

    dancuc New Member

  10. soccerfreak

    soccerfreak New Member

    I have tried evreything but I am just too dumb to do this

    aright so i have alot of questions, let me just start by asking this:
    1. "Upload all content in "upload" folder in Auto Mode"...whats auto Mode, isnt that just uploading everything within that folder to the public_html folder on my server?

    2."Upload the database"....do I jsut pick ONLY ONE? and do i copy the whole folder to public_html or just the file within?

    3."Once you have uploaded the database open the "config.php.new" file and fit with your settings".....how do I open the file? throught my web browser or throught filezilla?

    sorry but Im seriously struggling to get this installed
  11. utlol

    utlol New Member


    First i would like to say thank you for giving us this!!!!!

    I also have a question.

    I chmoded all files to 777, did run keygen, it did come out with different keys but none of them was inserted into the files.

    How can this be done?
    I know you say that by running keygen this should happen, but it dosen´t.

    Thanks again
  12. thakhin

    thakhin New Member

    I've successfully installed all modules through out your instructions.
    But I have a problem, and did not see anything similar in my search here.

    I can not reply to the thread. Or it is an existing thread, test forum, and I can can not reply too.

    What happens is the reply just hangs...then newreply.php shows up blank.

    And new thread also same as so. I can not do new thread at forum.

    Please help me.
  13. Warez Experts

    Warez Experts New Member

    Hi J.Black

    Is it possible to install this to my current forum? I'm using other nulled vb version.. What about the sections, threads, posts, members that I have at the moment? It will be overwrite or I can still have the data after installation?

    Please advice..

    Thanks in advance..
  14. welcome

    welcome New Member

    I F'ing Love You Man - Awsome!!
  15. westgds

    westgds New Member

    I ask for a better manual installations
  16. westgds

    westgds New Member


    Because someone can give me a more precise times installations manual?

    Because here in the thread brings me no further

    Help me finally times
  17. cal127

    cal127 New Member

    Hi guys I can't locate the docs folder and the database files thats supposed to be uploaded using hte rapidshare mirror provided by fellow member cvdvmp3. Any can help provide a non rapidshare mirror if u don't mind. Thank you again.
  18. adi10289

    adi10289 New Member

    hi plz can u provide manual for installation bcoz when i click on admincp link its keeps on reloading and page doesn't open plz help me its urgent........
  19. SirGarfield

    SirGarfield New Member

    Kudos for this, thank you for this excellent pre-modded version.
    Took me a while to get it all sorted but now it's done...WOW!!

    Could I ask if there's any chance of any guide on how we integrate other styles with this, I have in mind the vB3.6.8 vBDesigns Cyborg, that would absolutely awesome if it's possible.

    Again, many many thanks for this :)
  20. SirGarfield

    SirGarfield New Member

    Sorry for second post in same topic, just read j.black's goodbye thread, sorry you left.

    Okay, so I'm not going to get any guide from j.black, does anyone else know how to make the vBDesigns Cyborg work with this pre-modded release please?

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