Updating page title with Backbone so it shows properly in browser history

Discussion in 'JavaScript Forum' started by darkix, Apr 10, 2013.

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    I'm working on an built out with backbone and backbone-layout-manager. When I need to do a view change, I need to update the page to a new title. I've tried adding a convenience method called setTitle,\[code\]setTitle: (new_title) -> document.title = new_title console.log "changed title to: #{new_title}"\[/code\]that I can call in my router, on a route change. This works great, however, there's a problem. When I check my browser history, it's evident that it shows the title that was associated with the previous page. Example (1-3 in order of pages visited):\[code\]1. localhost/#/home/ - "Website"2. localhost/#/blog/ - "Website - Home"3. localhost/#/home/ - "Website - Blog"\[/code\]I see that the router is not calling the route until after the url has changed and my browser, Chrome, has added the page to its history.My question is, how can I update the title of the page so that the title is actively reflected in my browser history.

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