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    A Support Project using the vBulletin Project Tool has been created to support this mod. Please make use of it if you can.use of the project tool is appreciated because It makes searching for problems already asked by other users, and possibly solved, much easier than long thread.

    Ever want to throw something at someone when you read a post? Now you can! Eggs, kisses, bullets, and more.

    Video Demonstration Link

    Special Notes:
    • Due to some complicated issues involving the coding for animated gifs, largely black eggs (like the bullethole) do not display properly. All that is required, if you make or find your own eggs, is that large black areas be converted to a dark grey or dark blue. already done this with the newest bullethole.gif, and as you can see it's not a big issue but wanted to make everyone aware of it.
    • If you wish to uninstall please upgrade to the lastest version first, as older versions may not uninstall cleanly.

    Upcoming 2.5 new features
    • Automatic (optional) integration with [tk] Post Notes (post note of "Username: Threw a <thing> at you." or "Username: Gave you a <thing>" etc.
    • Long promised post stats (how many times a post has been egged, etc.)

    • Fully Phrased.
    • Fully AJAX.
    • Can be configured to work with any credits system, or not use credits (default).
    • Comes configured for vbCredits (just turn on 'Enable Credits' in the admincp options).
    • Integrated with vB Optimise.
    • Manage your own egg images (enable/disable/delete/add).
    • Optionally have eggings effect user reputation.
    • Optional 'Who Egged Me' display in UserCP.
    • 'Eggs' can be cleaned away.
    • Entire avatars can be wiped clean.
    • Usergroup support for viewing, using, cleaning own and cleaning others.
    • Very configurable.
    • Handles animated avatars (animation stops when egged, starts again when cleaned).
    • Fully supports both GD and ImageMagick. Animated avatars do not stop in ImageMagick.
    • Optional Statistics in What's Going On.

    Download the [tk] EggAvatar_2.3.2.zip file.
    Unzip and upload all files in the upload directory to your forum root.
    Import the product file in your admincp.
    Make sure to set usergroup permissions - all are turned off by default.

    Download the [tk] EggAvatar_2.3.2.zip file.
    Unzip and upload all files in the upload directory to your forum root.
    Import the product file in your admincp - make sure Allow Overwrite is set to 'yes'.

    Version History
    1.0 Original Version
    1.1 Support for animated avatars
    1.1.1 Fixed a couple minor bugs
    1.2.0 Fixed a couple bugs and added file system support for avatar storage.
    1.2.1 Fixed bug where function not compiled into standard php 4 was being called.
    1.2.2 Fixed bug that cause out of place cost info on popup. Fixed so images no longer lose color when thrown.
    1.2.3 Fixed some phrasing. Fixed (?) the bug causes database errors for some users.
    2.0 Egg Manager (enable, disable, upload your own eggs). Egg tracking (who egged me). Optional reputation change on egging. Numerous small bug fixes, including PNG support.
    2.0.1 Fixed bug with editing existing eggs in admincp.
    2.0.2 Fixed bug with EI scrolling menu.
    2.0.3 Added some missing phrases.
    2.0.4 Fixed IE display problem. Put code in admincp image upload to only allow gifs and to resize if needed (max 50x50).
    2.1.0 Full support for animated avatars. Eggs uploaded to the eggs directory but not in the database now show in the Egg Image Manager and can be added. Added Who's Online support. Fixed possible bug with missing dateline from url.
    2.1.1 Fixed problem where PHP 5 function was being called.
    2.2.0 Fixed problem with cleaned avatars missing dateline (really this time). Dropped back to partial animated gif support (animation stops when egged, starts when cleaned). Added checks and error messages to help with invalid path settings. Fixed bug that caused images not to display in popup. Fixed popup to display properly in all browsers no matter how many eggs are added.
    2.2.1 Added additional error checking to the image manager. Fixed the upload button in the image manager.
    2.2.2 Fixed uninstall issue. Fixed a couple words that weren't phrased.
    2.3 Fixed permissions issues. Fixed a couple more words that weren't phrased. Added support for ImageMagick. Added support for vB Optimise. Added statistics on forum home. Changed the fade time so the eggs won't fade if the user hasn't logged in to see them yet.
    2.3.1 Fixed bug in vB Optimise integration.
    2.3.2 Fixed bug if paths to avatars has a leading '/'.
    2.3.3 Another attempt at fixing the pop 'eggs out of the box' issue. Probably my last for a while.
    2.3.4 Fixes a "can't view if can't egg" permissions problem that has been plaguing some users. Adds a vbAdvanced Module.
  2. iluminati

    iluminati New Member

    looks great, but this will slow down my forum speed?
  3. Kena

    Kena New Member

    thanks but seems to not work with vb 3.8

    that stop the display of avatars...

    is it necessary to active credits?
  4. Rated_R

    Rated_R New Member

    getting db error..
    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.1:
    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT count(eggtype) as totaleggs FROM eggavatar WHERE userid =  AND cleaned = 0 AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP( ) <= (dateline + 3600);
    MySQL Error   : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND cleaned = 0 AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP( ) <= (dateline + 3600)' at line 1
    Error Number  : 1064
    Request Date  : Sunday, March 15th 2009 @ 05:44:23 AM
    Error Date    : Sunday, March 15th 2009 @ 05:44:23 AM
    Script        : eggavatar.php
    Referrer      : Admin
    IP Address
    Username      : Admin
    Classname     : vB_Database
    MySQL Version : 5.0.67-community
  5. Rated_R

    Rated_R New Member

    where to upload plugins folder?
  6. xblade_2k9

    xblade_2k9 New Member

    work but no good, for security no install this mod.
  7. Mr-Ice-Man

    Mr-Ice-Man New Member

    Works perfect on 3.8.1, thanks.
  8. techiekaran

    techiekaran New Member

    to your forums root directory!
  9. Pz11 guru

    Pz11 guru New Member

    same error not working...........
  10. MobileHacks

    MobileHacks New Member

    Updated To Version:1.1.1
  11. Mr-Ice-Man

    Mr-Ice-Man New Member

    This also splats the signatures too which is kool.
  12. Kena

    Kena New Member

    I hope the egg avatar 1.2 will work fine on vb 3.8!
  13. Mr-Ice-Man

    Mr-Ice-Man New Member

    It does already
  14. xblade_2k9

    xblade_2k9 New Member

    any can upload the last version?

    1.2.0 Fixed a couple bugs and added file system support for avatar storage.

  15. Works perfect in 3.8.0

    I use vb experience, so what would be the credits table and credit field be?
  16. MobileHacks

    MobileHacks New Member

    Updated To Version:1.2.0
  17. xblade_2k9

    xblade_2k9 New Member

    thanks man ;), grettings
  18. It's cool, sorted it. Great mod M.H
  19. Kena

    Kena New Member

    aaaahh 1.2 seems to be working fine with file system support for avatar storage but i don't know how using the hack?

    where do we can to click to use the mod please?
  20. Pz11 guru

    Pz11 guru New Member

    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.1:

    Invalid SQL:
    ALTER TABLE usergroup ADD eggavatarpermissions INT(10) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL;

    MySQL Error : Duplicate column name 'eggavatarpermissions'
    Error Number : 1060
    Request Date : Monday, March 16th 2009 @ 12:57:18 AM
    Error Date : Monday, March 16th 2009 @ 12:57:18 AM

    got this error when i tried to install 1.2.0

    error came wen i import the plugin

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