Stop Spam Bots From Joining

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  1. MobileHacks

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    What it does:
    This modification queries the database with the IP address and email of the user registering. If the IP address or email is found in the database, the user will get an error message and the registration process will be stopped.

    What you need:
    You'll need file_get_contents or CURL on your server for this to work. If one does not exist, it will try to use the other.

    Just import the product in the Admin CP.

    If you want to customize the error messages, they are named "spammer_ip" and "spammer_email" in the Phrase Manager.

    Version 1.0.1
    - Fixed a small error with checking the IP address.
  2. dr_m_6000

    dr_m_6000 New Member

    many thanks man
  3. warbeast

    warbeast New Member

    Okay i install this and how can i know is it working for me ?
    Is there some Log or something like that... to see the activity.
  4. dr_m_6000

    dr_m_6000 New Member

    sorry i installed it BUT it does not work
  5. DarknQuiet

    DarknQuiet New Member

    How do we know this is working? Are there special settings? Does it work with just email verification running?
  6. younesstyle

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