Prevent Doubleposting 1.0

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Addons and Template Modifications' started by Nightvision, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Nightvision

    Nightvision New Member

    When a User posts into a thread where he already has the lastpost, no new post will be added. The lastpost of him will be edited and the new text is put after his first message. This will be done until the old post is older than 24 hours (you can change this timespan yourself) website:
  2. Kang

    Kang New Member

    thanks for this!!
  3. kepler001

    kepler001 New Member

    Nice thanksss :)
  4. woldemort

    woldemort New Member

    work on vbulletin 3.7?
  5. GgAcE

    GgAcE New Member

    Tried on 3.7.1 but it didn't merge.
  6. chaotic_geo

    chaotic_geo New Member

    It works. Make sure you refresh the page after you post though - on 3.7.2.
  7. zorkcvrl

    zorkcvrl New Member

    Yes, Its works for me after refresh the page..Thanks.
  8. tryer

    tryer New Member

    but there is a problem, when i try to double post, yes it automerge, but when i try to post reply it goes blank page.
  9. miniman

    miniman New Member

    does it work for v3.6.8? thanks
  10. Moralyzer

    Moralyzer New Member

    Thank you, it may be old but it works terrific on 3.7.3!

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