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  1. mallee

    mallee New Member

    MySocialSpace by Mary (madeby mary) does anyone have it please?

    Thank you
  2. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

  3. mallee

    mallee New Member

    Thanks mmm, I tried there yesterday and again right now (have to join) and when you join the registration does not work. Once you complete the registration you get an error page (see here)

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type mysqli_result as array in /home/nexialys/public_html/vbenhancer/register.php(385) : eval()'d code on line 15

    and it did not register you... do you have it PLEASE.

    Unless you have a login there I can not get in to download.

    I also sent them an email about it but no fix and no reply.
  4. nexia

    nexia New Member

    problem fixed, spam bot deactivated.

    and actually, this engine is not available from me... i did not buy the whole stuff from Mary, as it was pointless and she decided to play the greek goddess and make on her own...
  5. goodbye

    goodbye New Member

    i dont see it anywhere on the site? do you have a link to it?
  6. mallee

    mallee New Member

    I finally have it, it took hours to find the damn thing and it is similar if not the exact same thing as her vbclubs script and there are issues with getting it to work properly (good luck) even with all settings correctly adjusted it gives 'you don't have permissions errors', in certain areas.

    Here ya go
  7. g3oniTz

    g3oniTz New Member

    whats the purpuse of this hack?
  8. mallee

    mallee New Member

    It can give members their own forums, gallery, donate, space, ecards etc... like I said permissions are buggy. It does install fine on 3.6 and up 3.8.2 as far as I've tested but the permissions are buggy.
  9. mojopanel

    mojopanel New Member

    Do you need to purchase this hack? or is it free. (As i am going to maybe use this on me onshore host with valid vBulletin)
  10. mallee

    mallee New Member

    I didn't post it because it needs to be purchased, it's nulled. Test it out throughly first, try all features. Put it though the paces......You will find there are permission problems and certain areas unfortunately don't work.
  11. alip30c

    alip30c New Member

    i dont see it anywhere on the site

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