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  1. Ak47

    Ak47 New Member

    Make your vbulletin faster!

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    Title - vBAccelerator - Increase Your Forum Speed Upto 500% Faster

    Description - With This Modification You Can Increase The Speed Of Your vbulletin index Forum home Upto 500% Faster.

    Installing -
    You Just Need To Edit A Simple Template
    Open Admin CP>>Styles And Templates>>Style Manager>>Edit Template>>Header
    Just place this code on the top of the header template.

    Save The Template.

    Done, :).
  2. thewolf32

    thewolf32 New Member

    Works great!

  3. xenoth

    xenoth New Member


    This has been posted here before.

    Also, i'm not calling you a liar or saying this hack is wrong so please don't accuse me of being a dick... however

    Its a total load of nonsense about the %500 thing, absolute fantasy.

    Maybe speeds up IE, and well that's great but please remember you break your XHTML compliance.

    have a read.

    that's all.
  4. Ak47

    Ak47 New Member

    Well, if you dont like something i posted, then dont say anything.
  5. ryu

    ryu New Member

    This is stupid. Why would you want to make your forum seem "faster"? and reposts sucks.
    Try searching next time.
  6. KillaStaff

    KillaStaff New Member

  7. Ak47

    Ak47 New Member

    It doesnt seem faster, it runs faster.
  8. GgAcE

    GgAcE New Member

    Simple solution guys... Don't us it if it "sucks" then...

    Stop spamming the thread. He simply posted his findings. Cry elsewhere..

    Since when are half of you worried about "breaking rules" anyways?
    Xhtml compliance means nothing when half of you are running pirated VB's...

  9. anupam_luv

    anupam_luv New Member

    Shouldnt the meta tag be written in "Headinclude" template instead of "header" template?
  10. ChanceEncounter

    ChanceEncounter New Member

    It actually doesn't make it faster. Your computer still has to fetch all the data from the server. You'd be a fool to think that two additional line of code makes your site "faster."

    If anything, this makes your site minutely slower because it has to load two additional lines of source. It will make IE seem a little faster, because it doesn't refresh the same templates.
  11. Kevo

    Kevo New Member

    It makes it load the visuals first, then all the background shit later, thats why it seems to load the page faster, because you see everything faster and at the same time...
  12. sengkar

    sengkar New Member

    Hi All!
    I know vBTEAM website is for sharing and helping each other. In that case, my opinion will say thanks to AK47 for sharing such a thing. Atleast he worked hard and he has kinda heart to help other, that's why i am appreciated to him. Keep it up dude. And lets share something ;) ...
    PS. No more irritating reply please. There is Thanks button, if you wanna appreciated his work then just click Thanks button. If you don't like his post then just forget it. Even you don't have to reply back. ;)
    Keep It Up All Staffs And Members Of vBTEAM. Keep Rocking!!
  13. developer

    developer New Member

    Thanks You Very Mutch My Brother :)

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