Langage FR - Version 3.8.2

Discussion in 'Language Packs' started by shawn00, May 15, 2009.

  1. shawn00

    shawn00 New Member

    Fichier langue française - Version 3.8.2

    Merci à Vbulletin-ressource :)

    - Url : RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    - Password : {Hokage Team}
  2. Bliblibli

    Bliblibli New Member

    The password does'nt work :(
  3. KillaStaff

    KillaStaff New Member

    quel boulet, distribué un fichier langue accessible gratuitement et sans licence sur vbR, c'est débile ...
  4. PHPishnik

    PHPishnik New Member

    Pls upload other server, i cannot download
  5. KillaStaff

    KillaStaff New Member

  6. sharpe

    sharpe New Member

  7. KillaStaff

    KillaStaff New Member

    registration are free and no vérification of licence :rolleyes:
  8. sharpe

    sharpe New Member

    i have problem dl this, can some1 dl it for me?
    thx in advance.

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