how come youtbe wont let me upload y video?

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by BeckyB, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. BeckyB

    BeckyB New Member

    when i try to upload my video to youtube, it takes forever and never gives me a confirmation messagee and it wont upload. <br />
    i use the file .wmv and it doesnt exceed 10 minutes. can someone please help me?<br />
  2. highlaria

    highlaria New Member

    Youtube doesn't allow gay videos. You have no excuse either, the rule is obvious.
  3. Keithzworld

    Keithzworld New Member

    You might have to use the Multi-Downlaod, it should be faster than the single downloader.

    Here is a link for it http//

    You will however have to actually download a program to your computer before you actually use the Multi-Downloader. But don't' worry it doesn't take up much space and only takes a minute or two to download.
  4. k4rn4ge

    k4rn4ge New Member

    You must upload good content to Youtube
  5. redareda440

    redareda440 New Member

    probelm in connection ????

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