hide hack incl post thank you addon (new ver)

Discussion in 'vB 3.6.X Addons and Template Modifications' started by soltanabi, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. soltanabi

    soltanabi New Member


    1-go to admincp==>> go to Plugin & Products System ADD ajax-product-sids_hide_v0.3.0-vborg-en.xml

    2-go to Download/upload Language & upload a hide_bbcode-language-en.xml on the old Language main Overwrite on the old Language.

    3-search in the stayle **editor_toolbar_on** & replace with this
    4-in the your staile search <<showthread_quickreply>> & replace with

    5- upload images/editor/hide.gif in the images:)
  2. Nightvision

    Nightvision New Member

    Whats new on this version ? and witch version is it ?
    vbulletin.org link plz ...
  3. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

  4. LosKwantos

    LosKwantos New Member

    does this like if you pressed thanks that you unhide the hided part
  5. dutchwii

    dutchwii New Member

    yes but what version of vb do you use? on 3.6.8 it wont work
  6. J.Black

    J.Black Guest

    in vb 3.6.8 it doesn´t work
  7. lalinperera007

    lalinperera007 New Member

    Any one Know Wich Hide HAck WOrking in vb 3.6.8 ?
    Plz PM
  8. Hoxxy

    Hoxxy New Member

    Sids hide' v2 works in 3.6.8 you can find it here

  9. soltanabi

    soltanabi New Member

    my hack Sids hide works in 3.6.8 I test it
  10. soltanabi

    soltanabi New Member

    i Fixed This On The Vb3.6.8.pl2

    At 16dec


    My Hack Workid 100%
  11. Tuxdude

    Tuxdude New Member

    Doe NOT work on 3.6.8pl2. I followed the instructions exaclty on a fresh installed forum. the hidden text gets printet as it were normal text.
  12. lalinperera007

    lalinperera007 New Member

    Me,,to Not Working , Plz Help to Fix it,, I Did All Right,
    Import Product " ajax-product-sids_hide_v0.3.5-vborg-en.xml "
    After:Import Language XML File :hide_bbcode-images-english.xml

    Why ? is That Not working ?
  13. soltanabi

    soltanabi New Member

    imoprt language on the old language

    u must install hack post thanks 5.3
  14. dazg

    dazg New Member

    it says database error when i upload it, i really need this hack, could some one get the up to dated one
  15. aamir098

    aamir098 New Member

    hey when i tried to upload the xml file it is showing this error "Invalid File Specified" plz help me
  16. AhrimanSefid

    AhrimanSefid New Member

    me too install for vb 3.6.8.pl2. no't show hide,show text.
    plz fix.
    Thank you
  17. rissee

    rissee New Member

    [hide]{klmmmmmmmmmm rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr r}[/hide]
  18. cacacolass

    cacacolass New Member

    Muchas gracias, me va a servir de mucho

    Un saludo y gracias

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