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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by apocalypticdreaming, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. keyleigh

    keyleigh New Member

    Google Chrome is the best browser for me and I am using it for the last two years. It is easy to use,lighter and faster in working then other web browsers.
  2. jamsaugustine

    jamsaugustine New Member

    I know very well that Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser which can be available in the market.There are may people around the world who use an internet for different purposes.
  3. rosicky

    rosicky New Member

    Looks cool but not friendly like firefox. executes javascripts faster but has already been exploited the first day itself
  4. HeavyShower

    HeavyShower New Member

    It’s better browser. I used only Google Chrome. It’s the speed browser. We can use as easily. If want to download it. You can do that easily.
  5. shanelackson

    shanelackson New Member

    Google chrome is a web browser which with different features. It create good effects of security and speed. It has all ultimate features which increase well popularity in users.
  6. hughgrant

    hughgrant New Member

    Google Chrome is amazing application to browse a web page over the internet. It has a good addon at where we can able to work online easily.
  7. AroganZell

    AroganZell New Member

    It is fastest browser than Google Chrome. I always use chrome. Everyone can use Google Chrome as easier.
  8. AnglaMokz

    AnglaMokz New Member

    Google chrome is fastest browser than other. We can browse any details as quickly. Because always use Chrome.
  9. areya

    areya New Member

    but i like fireforx more
  10. GleerryHelena

    GleerryHelena New Member

    It is my favorite web browser. Actually their interface is user friendly and we can customize with nice themes. Actually it is the faster browser than other browsers.
  11. AngryCat

    AngryCat New Member

    Google chrome is my favorite browser in all the time. Because I can put theme and tools in here. Actually it is the fastest browser.
  12. ZillaKlame

    ZillaKlame New Member

    I like to work with Google chrome. Because it is the fastest browser. We can work with chrome as interesting. There have many options to easy for our works.
  13. FillaHikiz

    FillaHikiz New Member

    Google chrome helps me in working as easy. Actually it is a really nice browser. We can add many easy user add one to it.
  14. DumblingHambling

    DumblingHambling New Member

    Actually it is really a faster browser than other browsers. Another thing is we can add to the user friendly add ones for Google chrome.
  15. JilkaJohn

    JilkaJohn New Member

    It is a really nice browser. Sometime I'm impressed about Google Chrome.
  16. candice067

    candice067 New Member

    ya its better than forefox
  17. HaidiJohn

    HaidiJohn New Member

    Google Chrome is my one and only favorite browser. I like its interface very much.
  18. KipplzLogiz

    KipplzLogiz New Member

    It is my favorite web browser. It is easy to download and use. Main important thing is speed than browser.
  19. MeplikzJohns

    MeplikzJohns New Member

    I'm also using this browser. Chrome is a superb browser than others.
  20. laxmi reddy

    laxmi reddy New Member

    yes, google chrome is one of the best browsers.

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