Forever IP banned?

Discussion in 'How to... ?' started by blero, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. blero

    blero New Member

    Hello can a banned user canot register anymore im banned ip but have a dynamic :(
  2. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    try to use proxies.

    try to register from here

  3. blero

    blero New Member

    lol IM Administrator lol

    I need to banned user 4 ever ?
  4. TechN9ne1730

    TechN9ne1730 New Member

    With an IP alone it is basically impossible to ban them forever. You can however run a whois on the ip and contact the ISP with the registration time, and IP, but if your running a nulled vb this may not be the best idea unless you use offshore hosting.
  5. blero

    blero New Member

    Im use Legal vB is not nulled
  6. niceday

    niceday New Member

    Hi since you are having dynamic ip address ..You can easily change your ip address by resetting your modem ..Then visit sites like to check that whether the ip address is changed or not ..If yes then try to visit the same site which banned your ip address....

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