Crystal Clean Skin By [CompleteVb]

Discussion in '3.7.x Premium Styles' started by Nite-Hax, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Nite-Hax

    Nite-Hax New Member

    I did not rip this skin...I just found it and i thought i should share it because its awesome !

    Complete vB - Support Community - CompletevB

    Download and enjoy:
    View attachment 11117

    Install like each other skin but for this one you must choose "Ignore Style Version" so it will work on 3.8.x !

    I have it on my forum and it works 100% ;)

  2. nudu

    nudu New Member

    thanks!! will test on vb 3.8
  3. aBoomrang 03

    aBoomrang 03 New Member

    Is'it nulled ??!
  4. Kedzi

    Kedzi New Member

    A theme doesn't need to be nulled...
  5. eiwanarts

    eiwanarts New Member

    Thank you very much ...
  6. XO39

    XO39 New Member

    thanks for this
    anyone has the PSD files as well?
  7. Cokaric

    Cokaric New Member

    thx m8, but do u have version for vb 3.8.x

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