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    ChatXbox - (

    We started working on this Xbox news and fan site early last year, however we've not had a lot of time for our own projects as customer websites get preference.

    The site is based on wordpress with a custom template, contains a few postings, content and rss feeds. We've also integrated phpBB and the template together. We had also planned to integrate a wiki for user generated content, however didn't get this far.

    We had also considered integrating a shopping cart, or at the very least a catalog where you could use affiliate and referral programs to generate some revenue.

    There's been no SEO work done, so you'll be starting with a blank canvas. It has all the characteristics of being a potentially great site and an income earner with google adwords and affiliate programs.

    We really don't have the time to develop this any further and are willing to let it go for $150.00 (USD), which we think is a bargain given the work and time that's gone into it.

    We are going to list it on Flippa eventually, but thought we'd give the WHT community a chance at it first.
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