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Discussion in 'vB Graphics' started by chakru, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. chakru

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    I've been looking for some buttons to replace the slightly ugly buttons that come with the default vbulletin skin. I wanted them to be roughly the same size as the originals.

    Inspired by demgel's excellent black glossy buttons, and using the Silk icons, I made these for my own site.

    The zip file contains a number of sets, with popular mattes. The Photoshop PSD file is also included.


    Simply upload the files to your forum/images/buttons and forum/images/misc directories. To uninstall, copy the originals back. [​IMG]

    For standard vb colours, use different sets according to whether you use postbit legacy (when looking at a thread, the users info is on the left of the post) or the new postbit (where the posters info is above the post) and use the appropriate button set.

    To use the PSD enclosed:

    1. Make your changes.
    2. Make sure there is no background selected.
    3. Save for web and devices.
    4. Select individual slices and set the matte colour (background you are going to have behind the buttons).
    5. When you press Save, choose "All user slices".

    The font used is Myriad Web Pro (not included in PS, but is included in Lightroom and Lightroom trials, if they still do them). PS will happily replace this font with Myriad Pro, which is very close.

    I'm no designer, but I hope they are useful.

    They can be seen in action here.

    Standard colours:




    Red by request:


    Postbit legacy:


    Postbit (new):



    1.0 My first thoughts
    1.1 Added some mattes
    1.2 More mattes
    1.3 Reduced the size of the small round buttons, added a black button set
    1.4 Made "postbit legacy" and "postbit new" versions
    1.5 Added buttons: thanks, px, reputation, included PSD in main file, small cosmetic changes to the buttons, added black buttons to the PSD.
    1.6 Made some changes to the appearance (get rid of the softness at the bottom of some buttons and reduced the inner glow to look better on black), added some buttons and included some requested colours.
  2. Fios

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    Nice dude, thnx for this. I added them on my page.
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    wow... thanks a lot.. i will use this in mine
  4. Kang

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    cool .. thanks for the post .. i'm gona def use these for default skin ;)
  5. The Curut

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    Thanks Dude Nice Post
  6. chakru

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    all of you are welcome :)
  7. poisson

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    thanks chakru , they are nice !
  8. New Member

    the best buttoms...
  9. possibly

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    Thanks for these!
    Much appreciated!
  10. abdallah_ama

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    Thanks for these
  11. dark_hunter

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    You have very good skills chakru, I love the gloss. I would kill to be able to do that, nice work mate.

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