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    How India can beat Sri Lanka in the upcoming one day series & Who will be the key player for India? Whether there is anykey for Mendis & Muralidharan? What will be the Rohit Sharma s Role ? Whether Dhoni will be able to score against Mendis & Muralidharan? How we can stop Sangakara & Jayawardhane? Whether Indian feilding be O.K? Who will disappoint the most accept Yuvraj? Whether Raina will be able to make runs against Mendis & Muralidharan? Can we feild like Dilshan? In the absense of Dhoni who will keep wickets, as we have seen the poor keeping of Kartik & the other guy? How can we improve our bowling? Whether the protest on LBW decisission is good for crickety? Empiring was not so good in the test series Why? Who is the best Empire in the world? Why there is not a single Empire in the ICC Panel? Why BCCI is silent on this point that there in no Empire in the ICC Panel? Performance wise who is the best crickter of India? Performance wise who is the best crickter of World? Why we dont have allrounders like Kapil Dev, Richard Headley, Ian Botham & Imran Khan inthe current time? Who is the wise captain of South Africa? What is the current rating of the South Africa? Whether India have a tour of South Africa in the next year? Whether Gavaskers team ever beat Australia? Whether playing the test cricket in this busy life schedule is correct? Whether T-20 cricket be given priority on one day cricket? Is it possible to play 10-10 over international match in the near future? <br />
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    World Series Cricket (WSC) was a break away professional cricket competition staged between 1977 and 1979 and organised by Kerry Packer for his Australian television network, Nine Network. The matches ran in opposition to established international cricket. World Series Cricket drastically changed the nature of cricket, and its influence continues to be felt today.

    The series originated due to two main factors - the widespread view that players were not paid sufficient amounts to make a living from cricket, and that Packer wished to secure the exclusive broadcasting rights to Australian cricket, then held by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

    After the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) refused to accept Channel Nine's bid to gain exclusive television rights to Australia's Test matches in 1976, Packer set up his own series by secretly signing agreements with leading Australian, English, Pakistani, South African and West Indian players, most notably England captain Tony Greig, West Indies captain Clive Lloyd, Australian captain Greg Chappell and former Australian Captain Ian Chappell. Packer was aided by businessmen John Cornell and Austin Robertson, both of whom were involved with the initial setup and administration of the series.
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    The clear consensus from down under is that England have picked the right man for the challenge, even if those closer to home are more concerned with how Pietersen will first cope with the arduous conditions of a tour to India. A two-Test drubbing in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, however, will prove almost as little as the one-Test victory that Pietersen has already presided over. The man himself knows the contest by which his tenure will be judged, and for once, to their credit, so too do the selectors.

    If there was one thing that condemned England to humiliation in their last Ashes campaign, it was the leadership vacuum caused, first, by Michael Vaughan's absence, and then by the sketchy terms of Andrew Flintoff's appointment. If the rationale is to be believed, Flintoff was chosen primarily because he could be relied upon to get the best out of Steve Harmison, the one man who mattered more to England's prospects than any other. What happened next has hung over Harmison's career ever since.

    Until, perhaps, now. Pietersen demanded Harmison in his maiden England team, he threw him the new ball for the first time in more than a year, then backed him publicly, privately and everywhere in between. His faith was rewarded with arguably the most joyful performance of Harmison's enigmatic career. While much of the improvement was put down to the 500-plus overs that he had spent this summer bowling for Durham, the man himself credited the performance on a far less tangible factor. The chance to get on with his job away from the glare of the spotlight.

    Where is the spotlight going to be next July? On the one man in the England side who is best equipped to cope with it, that's where. Harmison will be happy with such a scenario, so too Andrew Flintoff, who can go back to being the best allrounder in the world, and leave the decision-making to a man with less on his plate.
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    here's a tip.. don't clump all your sentences together. Use paragraphs because it really puts people off from answering your question.
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    Ufff... lots of Q
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