Aqua-Soft V4 theme for vBulletin 3.7.2

Discussion in 'vB 3.7.X Styles' started by whoru007, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. whoru007

    whoru007 New Member



  2. Filez

    Filez New Member

    Please check before posting it has been posted in premium skins a while agao.
  3. emengen2

    emengen2 New Member

    thank you i have check demo lookm brilliant
  4. zNk

    zNk New Member

    big thanks! :)

    cool style...
  5. zNk

    zNk New Member

    Parent atath...
  6. StormRoBoT

    StormRoBoT New Member

    any thanks button for this?
  7. StormRoBoT

    StormRoBoT New Member

    any one got the new version of this?? version for 3.7.3
  8. Karim1504

    Karim1504 New Member

    thank you very much my friend [​IMG]

  9. Goku

    Goku New Member

    Can I use it in vb 3.7.4 ??
  10. applepod124

    applepod124 New Member

    Thanks! fillerdddddddddddddddddd
  11. Goku

    Goku New Member

    How to change the LOGO ?? I have tried changing the original logo.gif image with my made logo.gif, but no success :(

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