[3.8.x] Inferno vBShout Pro 2.5.2

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  1. x John Cena x

    x John Cena x New Member

    [3.8.x] Inferno vBShout Pro 2.5.2

    - Shoutbox online/offline
    - Rename shoutbox
    - Admin Commands
    - Flood control
    - Editor fonts, colors & position
    - Change editor tools
    - BBCode allowance
    - Allow images & smilies
    - Many more!

    1) Upload the files which are inside the 'upload' folder.
    2) Import the product 'product_vBShout' via your admincp.
    3) Go to the template: FORUMHOME
    Then Find: $navbar
    Add this underneath the code:
    You can place Inferno vBSHOUT on any of your forum pages, but by default it is on the index page.

    1) Upload the files which are inside the 'upload' folder.
    2) Import the product 'product_vBShout', and select 'Allow Overwrite'.


    Thanks to dark_hunter for the screenshot :D

    Download attachment below and don't forget to press thanks.
  2. rastagoose

    rastagoose New Member

    Thanks a lot mate.
    Do you know what was updated in the latest release?
  3. Xx1337xX

    Xx1337xX New Member

    Can you post a screenshot? It sounds good but I want to see the look
  4. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Front page demo screenshot.

  5. spit_f1re88

    spit_f1re88 New Member

    aside from the interface, what else changed?
  6. asifnur

    asifnur New Member

    one more prob though it keeps on saying "Shoutbox Notice: Your shout failed to send." when evver i send massage =(
  7. davut_c20

    davut_c20 New Member

    allah raz─▒ olsun :)
  8. betty02

    betty02 New Member

    Getting a line 305 error when i try to upload plugin?
  9. ashish

    ashish New Member

    not working... the shout box doesn't shows up..uploaded files, added the code in the right place and enabled the product..
  10. ColinM94

    ColinM94 New Member

    Same problem

    doesnt show up, all files + xml inported/uploaded
  11. asifnur

    asifnur New Member

    hey guys i m getting a serious prob here.... when ever i enter massage it always say
    "Shoutbox Notice: Your shout has failed to send"

    and its also laggy.. pls help
  12. Shocked

    Shocked New Member

    I am the owner of the board and it won't let me view the archive!
  13. dark_hunter

    dark_hunter New Member

    Edit the settings, you need to select it so the user groups can see them.
  14. samsimpleasthat

    samsimpleasthat New Member

    thank you soooo much this is just what i needed :D
  15. Arben

    Arben New Member

    Not working !!!!!!!!!!
  16. kent_lkc

    kent_lkc New Member

  17. Adzter

    Adzter New Member

    excellent! exactly what I was looking for
  18. DarkFrost

    DarkFrost New Member

    Zzzz any help with it not showing up?
  19. 2Tall

    2Tall New Member

    working fine here. Make sure you enable the product in Plugins and Products page, as by default it isnt.

    Also make sure you insert the <!--{%SHOUTBOX%}--> code into where you want it on your forum.

    I inserted mine below the main forums, above the who is online box.

    You can view it here: NTFS Forums - Powered by vBulletin

    As for not being able to post, make sure the settings are set to allow permissions and make sure your logged in!

    The only question i have for anyone who may know is where does the shoutbox take its styling from?
  20. KyleKenney

    KyleKenney New Member

    Does anyone know which file to upload them to like INCLUDES, PUBLIC_HTML, INSTALL...anyone? Cause when I upload it to includes, it gives my whole forums errors and shuts them down. then I have to delete the files for my forums to come back up...

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