[3.7.X] Vbdesigns.de Cyborg Dark ( Orange Black v2 )

Discussion in '3.7.x Premium Styles' started by jattasdfgh, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. jattasdfgh

    jattasdfgh New Member

    Cyborg-dark-vBulletin-Style, for vBulletin Software.

    nearly none table layout
    very fast
    XHTML compliant
    no Javascript for the buttonhover

    You can see a detailed demonstration right here:
    detailed demonstration

    Also included in this package is:
    image file
    xml file

    Demo :--

    DD-CyborgDark Demo

    Screens :--

    August 14 , 2008
    Some Minor Bugs Fixed
    Upgrade your xml to this version "dd-cdo1.xml"
  2. wbscrptz

    wbscrptz New Member

    It's simple and great skin i think :)
    But i've saw this skin in many forum, so if you want to use it then must change almost all components.

    by the way, thanks. Nice post and keep up your great job :)
  3. jattasdfgh

    jattasdfgh New Member

    Yea this skin is used many forums but i was unable to find a working one for vb3.7.x .
    so i created this one.
  4. devilinearth

    devilinearth New Member

    where I get psd s????
  5. __latin__

    __latin__ New Member

    where is the psd plz?

    is a good skin
  6. butterfly

    butterfly New Member

    Here are all the original PSD
  7. Jasper0

    Jasper0 New Member

    Gonna take a look at this.
  8. Jasper0

    Jasper0 New Member

    How do I go about editing the header, want to remove the text and put my own logo there.

    "Deep Design"
    Here You Logo
  9. klops

    klops New Member

    and german buttons ??
  10. Jasper0

    Jasper0 New Member

    Can someone help me with this.......pretty please.

  11. butterfly

    butterfly New Member

    13 views Null Thank's....
  12. track01

    track01 New Member

    Can anyone rel English Buttons
  13. polo2

    polo2 New Member

    Thank's butterfly
    Merci beaucoup Amis
  14. netsavy006

    netsavy006 New Member

  15. dsf

    dsf New Member

    Thank's ...
    Merci à toi
  16. mr-e c a

    mr-e c a New Member

    wow ......... thx u 4 match
  17. ninken11

    ninken11 New Member

    any blanks?? to change sitename and slogan i mean.
  18. indiansword

    indiansword New Member

    i like this designs the most... but there isnt any exact PSD for the banner
  19. LlGHT

    LlGHT New Member

    Nicely done. Thank you.
  20. otto07

    otto07 New Member

    you can edit the global psd they give you and just crop the banner

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