15,300 avatars

Discussion in 'vB Graphics' started by Muhannad, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Muhannad

    Muhannad New Member

  2. dthuress

    dthuress New Member

    this is very nice, and good quality. A thank you on this!
  3. Th3Eagle

    Th3Eagle New Member

    I'll have to go through these a put a couple hundred of them on my board :)
  4. deeboi

    deeboi New Member

    Excellent Muhannad, [​IMG]
  5. aLSa7eR_aL3RaBi

    aLSa7eR_aL3RaBi New Member

    thnx bro
  6. ShadyNova

    ShadyNova New Member

    thx for the post
  7. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    A lil bit too many for my likin but thanks anyway
  8. Lucas Salatiel

    Lucas Salatiel New Member

    vlw ae otimo up!
  9. iRaQ SoN

    iRaQ SoN New Member

    thx for the post

    Very nice
  10. cinema

    cinema New Member

    thx for the Avatars. How can I install them?
  11. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member

    yeah sry to sound like a noob but this is sumthing i've nvr done, i put them in my images/avatars folder and when i go to user cp change avatar i dont see them, what exactally do i do with them?
  12. lilfabbro

    lilfabbro New Member


    sry posted 2 times

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